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Quercus dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller'
Quercus dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller'
Quercus dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller'
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Available Autumn 2017 - Native to Korea, Quercus dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller' has deeply lobed leaves that are some of the largest of any Oak, sometimes reaching up to 30 cm long on a mature specimen. These striking leaves turn to a warm apricot-brown colour in autumn and often remain on the tree late into winter before falling.

Quercus dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller'  is an unusual and eye-catching tree ideal for planting in gardens and woodland areas. This is a very slow growing tree and while lovely is certainly not for instant gratification. Best for patient gardeners!

Supplied Size: Sorry, now sold out. Looking for an oak with similar leaves? Try Quercus dentata 'Sir Harold Hillier'

  • Position: Full sun or light, dappled shade.
  • Soil: Well drained, fertile soil.
  • Hardiness: Hardy.
  • Rate of Growth: Very slow.
  • Habit: Quercus dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller' grows to be a small tree with a rounded crown.
    • Height: up to 8 m (26 ft)
    • Spread: 6 m (20 ft)
  • Notes: Quercus dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller' is very slow growing, not a plant for instant gratification and will take many years to reach the above eventual height.

Plant Video

The autumn colour on the handsome 8 year old Quercus dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller'  growing in our woodland gardens.

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