Our Plants

Our Plants

Our plants are grow in peat free compost. We propagate and grow most of the plants we sell on our production nursery which is next to our retail area and gardens. Where possible the mature specimens on display and growing in our arboretum here in Derbyshire supply all our propagation materials for grafting, cuttings, seed, etc. 

The current approx supplied sizes of our plants is listed on each plant description. Although we do our best to be accurate please bear in mind that sizes of plants on our website can vary both in height and pot size from those listed on our website. They may be smaller or larger than listed on our website!

If you wish to know the exact current size of a particular plant or have a minimum size requirement, please email us to double check before making an order. Herbaceous perennials are usually cut back on our nursery once they finish flowering.

Our website photos usually show mature specimens of the plants we sell. Young plants may take some years to develop and look similar!

We have always had most success ourselves when planting in our gardens with young plants that are not to mature. They generally can adapt to new conditions more quickly and the supplied sizes on our website reflects this. We do not grow many large and 'instant' specimen trees and those we have are available to view only when visiting our nursery. 

Plants marked as 'New' on our website have been newly listed within the last year.

Plants marked as Sold Out

As we grow so much of our own stock you will find the 'Sold Out' tag appearing on plants as you browse through our website. This usually means that we have sold out of a particular plant and have young specimens growing on which will be relisted for sale on the website once they have reached a saleable size.

Generally plants marked sold out will become available and be relisted on our website in the following Spring or autumn/winter. Depending on the rarity of the particular plant, it could be several seasons at least before becoming available.

You are welcome to use our websites notification facility to receive an automatic email when it is next enabled for sale. If you wish to use this facility please remember to mark emails from sales@bluebellnursery.com as 'not spam/junk' or they may go directly to your email spam folder.

If a particular plant marked as 'Sold Out' interests you and you would like to know when it is likely to be ready, please call our office on (01530) 413700 for an update on how they are doing.