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Phillyrea latifolia
Phillyrea latifolia
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Available Spring 2019 An elegant evergreen plant, Phillyrea latifolia is an olive-like native to the Mediterranean region and Western Asia. It is unusual in the United Kingdom and has masses of small, glossy, dark green leaves.

In spring Phillyrea has clusters of small, white flowers which are followed by tiny, back-blue fruit although in the United Kingdom it will only fruit after an exceptionally warm summer.

An interesting evergreen plant which a good substitute for areas where a Quercus ilex (The Evergreen Oak) would grow to large.

Supplied Size: 3L pot (approx 3 years old, 25 - 30 cm tall)

  • Position: Requires a warm position in full sun.
  • Soil: Most well drained soils.
  • Hardiness: Somewhat hardy. Phillyrea latifolia requires shelter from cold winter winds. Protect in very severe winters.
  • Rate of Growth: Slow.
  • Habit: Although a small tree in warmer areas, in Derbyshire we have found that Phillyrea latifolia grows to be a medium sized or eventually large shrub.
    • Height: up to 3 m (10 ft).
    • Spread: 3 m (10 ft).
  • Notes: Phillyrea latifolia is very tolerant of maritime exposure and can make an unusual and effective low, hedging plant if pruned regularly.


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