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Drimys lanceolata
Mountain Pepper

Drimys lanceolata
Drimys lanceolata
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Native to parts of Australia, Drimys lanceolata is an evergreen plant with dark green, leathery leaves and contrasting dark red stems. Small white flowers appear on the branches in spring. An attractive garden plant with year round interest which is ideally suited for coastal areas.

Supplied Size: 3L pots (approx 3 - 4 years old, 25 - 30 cm tall)

  • Position: Full sun or partial shade.
  • Soil: Moist, fertile soil.
  • Hardiness: Somewhat hardy. Drimys lanceolata requires shelter from strong winds and may require protection in severe winters.
  • Flowering Period: April - May.
  • Flower Colour: Creamy white
  • Rate of Growth: Slow.
  • Habit: Medium sized, densely branching shrub.
    • Height: up to 3 m (10 ft).
    • Spread: 3 m (10 ft).
  • Notes: Drimys lanceolata is suitable for growing in a large container or pot.


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