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Caragana arborescens 'Lorbergii'

Caragana arborescens 'Lorbergii'
Siberian Pea Tree

Available Autumn 2017 A beautiful tree which was first raised in 1906 at the Lorberg nursery in Germany and remains an uncommon, much sought after plant
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Caragana arborescens 'Pendula'

Caragana arborescens 'Pendula'

A small weeping tree, Caragana arborescens 'Pendula' has stiffly pendulous branches with the older stems slowly taking on an attractive gnarled habit
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Caragana arborescens 'Walker'

Caragana arborescens 'Walker'
Dwarf Weeping Pea Tree

A stiffly weeping and dwarf selection, Caragana 'Walker' has bright green, delicate leaves and masses of bight yellow flowers in late spring
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Caragana aurantiaca
Dwarf Peashrub

An unusual dwarf, spreading shrub, Caragana aurantiaca has masses of handsome yellow & orange flowers in early summer
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