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Ginkgo biloba
Maidenhair Tree

Ginkgo biloba
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Introduced from Japan to Europe in 1730, the Ginkgo is one of the most distinct and striking of trees. Today it is thought to exist in the wild in China but nearly all trees are actually in cultivation.

In China groves of female Ginkgos with occasional male pollinators have been planted, partly for the production of leaves used in Chinese and western medicine, but also for crops of nuts which are enclosed in rancid malodorous fruits.

Roasted Ginkgo nuts are popularly eaten as an accompaniment to chicken and also served at Chinese weddings to bring good fortune. Ginkgo are considered auspicious throughout China (when planted in pairs, as advised by a Chinese friend) where they are associated with long life; many Buddhist Temples have Ginkgo growing round them in various forms, often cultivated in pots.

These Ginkgo biloba have been grown from seed and will develop into handsome trees with distinctive green leaves turning lovely shades of golden yellow and bronze before falling in autumn.

Supplied Size: 3L pots (approx 3 - 4 years old, 30 - 50 cm tall)

  • Position: Full sun or light shade.
  • Soil: Any well drained, fertile soil.
  • Hardiness: Hardy.
  • Rate of Growth: Moderate.
  • Habit: Eventually Ginkgo biloba will grow to be a medium sized or large, branching tree.
    • Height: 15 m (50 ft).
    • Spread: 10 m (32 ft).


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