1) Using our New Website!

Although we have done our best to keep the layout of our new website as similar to the old one as possible, there are some differences. Please see below:

Browsing with the A - Z Plant List - Click on (or hold the mouse over) the category at the top of the page (for example trees and shrubs). If you know the name of the plant you are after, click on the botanical (Latin) name of the plant you are looking for in the list (displayed on the left side of the page once in category) to bring up the plants in this group.

Refining Plant List - If you are looking for plant ideas to fill a particular garden position, pick a category as described above and choose from the lists of active filters on the left side of the page. Once you have made your selection, please click 'Search'.

The number of filters will be increased gradually over time. It allows you to narrow down the displayed plants to find one which will suit your requirements. Please be aware that this plant finder function will only list plants currently in stock and available for sale!

Using our Website Search Function - Type in a Latin or common name at the top of the page to search through the database for that particular plant. The search function will display all plants with names or descriptions that contain any of the searched for words. For the most accurate results, use single word searches for example: looking for Giant Redwood - search for redwood, Beech trees - search for Beech, etc.

Quick View - When looking at multiple plants on the page, to view a brief description of a particular plant, hold the mouse over the plant photo until the quick view icon appears and click on it. Clicking anywhere else will bring up the full description.

2) Need help?

For help using our new website or for any other information, please do not hesitate to call us for advice! If you call us while in front of a computer, we are happy to recommend trees, shrubs, etc whilst on the telephone which you can then look up on our website as we speak, to see photos and further details. All our staff are well qualified, friendly, experienced and have worked with plants for years.

For assistance with selecting a tree, shrub or climber for a particular area of your garden, please call our office on (01530) 413700 during opening hours and we will be delighted to assist you and offer suggestions as to what plants are most suitable.

Ideally to make sure we can recommend a suitable plant, have a quick look at the area before calling and decide on the approx eventual height of the plant you would like and any special features you are interested in.