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Sorbus thibetica 'John Mitchell'
Tibetan Whitebeam

Sorbus thibetica 'John Mitchell'
Sorbus thibetica 'John Mitchell'
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In its natural habitat, this unusual tree is found growing in dense forests and shrubby thickets from the Eastern Himalayas to Burma. It has very large, grey leaves with white undersides. These create a very handsome foliage effect as they flash their white underside in even the lightest of breezes, especially in spring. It has white flowers in late spring that are followed by red/brown fruit in autumn.

This is a striking tree suitable for most gardens or woodland areas.

Supplied Size: 2L/3L pots (approx 2 years old, young plants only, 40 - 60 cm tall)

  • Position: Full sun.
  • Soil: Most fertile, well drained soil.
  • Hardiness: Hardy.
  • Flowers and Fruit: This plant is grown for its attractive grey-silver foliage.
  • Rate of Growth:Moderate to vigorous.
  • Size: A small to medium sized tree. this has a broad head when established and will reach a height of 4 - 5 m and a spread of 3 - 4 m in 10 - 12 years.
  • Notes: Will produce larger, better quality leaves in a position sheltered from strong winds.


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