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Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia'
Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia'
Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia'
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Information Only - A popular garden tree, first raised at a nursery in Holland in 1935, Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' has leaves that are rich golden yellow from late spring until autumn. These colourful leaves give lots of summer colour and are a superb foil for other plants with purple foliage or against dark backgrounds.

Often seen in gardens around the U.K., Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' thrives in a warm sheltered spot with plenty of sun.

The closest tree we have to this Robinia in appearance is the attractive but slower growing, golden-leaved Gleditsia triacanthos 'Sunburst'.

This plant is currently listed on our website for Information Only - While an attractive tree if thriving, Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' does not seem to enjoy our wet summers and we no longer produce them.

  • Position: Full sun.
  • Soil: Fertile, well drained soil. Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' does generally not grow well in soils which are very wet, or prone to water logging.
  • Hardiness: Hardy.
  • Flowering Period: May - June.
  • Rate of Growth: Vigorous.
  • Habit: Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia'  grows to be a medium sized branching tree with a somewhat rounded crown once established.
    • Height: 15 m (50 ft).
    • Spread: 8 m (26 ft).
  • Notes: As a young plant, Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' usually grows with a strong main leader and it can take one or two years for branches to develop and the shape to 'fill out'.


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