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Lindera benzoin
Lindera benzoin
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Information Only - An unusual native to Eastern North America, Lindera benzoin has clusters of small, fragrant greenish-yellow flowers in spring, followed by bright red fruit later in the year.

The leaves are thick, dark green, aromatic when crushed and quite long (up to 14 cm). In autumn they turn a spectacular bright yellow before falling. A lovely plant for a woodland garden.

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This plant is currently listed on our website for Information Only - Sadly it is not currently available for sale. We hope to have this plant for sale at some point in the future and at this time it will be re-enabled on our website.

  • Position: Full sun or partial shade.
  • Soil: Moist, neutral or acid soil.
  • Hardiness: Hardy.
  • Flowering Period: April
  • Flower Colour: Greenish-yellow
  • Rate of Growth: Moderate.
  • Habit: Lindera benzoin grows to be a large branching, rounded shrub.
    • Height: 3 m (10 ft).
    • Spread: 3 m (10 ft).
  • Notes: Lindera benzoin is not self fertile. A male and female plant are needed to produce fruit.


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