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Halesia diptera 'Magniflora'
Halesia diptera 'Magniflora'
Halesia diptera 'Magniflora'
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A very rare selection, once established Halesia diptera 'Magniflora' has masses of beautiful white flowers which are a little larger than those of other snowdrop trees listed here. These flowers cascade down the branches in late spring or early summer.

A glorious small, flowering tree and an eye-catching addition to a garden.

Supplied Size: 2L or 3L pots (approx 30 - 50 cm tall)

  • Position: Full sun or light, dappled shade.
  • Soil: Well drained, fertile soil.
  • Hardiness: Hardy.
  • Flowering Period: May.
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Rate of Growth: Moderate.
  • Habit: Halesia diptera 'Magniflora' grows to be a small branching tree once established.
    • Height: 8 m (26 ft).
    • Spread: 6 m (20 ft).
  • Notes: A specimen of Halesia diptera 'Magniflora', planted in the woodland garden surrounding our nursery had a height of 3 m and a spread of 2 m after 8 years.

Plant Video

1) The 12 year old Halesia diptera 'Magniflora' flowering in our woodland gardens.

Further Information

This is one of the rarest trees planted in our arboretum and in flower, arguably one of the most beautiful. Large, snowdrop-like flowers are borne profusely in June (with us in Derbyshire) and mature plants are quite as showy as many of the spring flowering Magnolia.

There are five species of Halesia, named in honour of the pioneer physiologist, Dr. Stephen Hales of Beckesbourne, Kent. All of them are large shrubs or small trees, normally with white flowers in spring, although there is a pink flowered cultivar, Halesia monticola 'Rosea', which is also planted in our gardens.

Halesia diptera comes from south-eastern United States, from where it was introduced in 1758. This cultivar is particularly difficult to propagate but we occasionally have a few plants available.

Extract from an information poster in our arboretum


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