BlueBell Nursery - Herbaceous - 'New Introduction'

Astrantia major 'Moulin Rouge'

Astrantia major 'Moulin Rouge'

An eye-catching plant,  Astrantia major 'Moulin Rouge' has very dark red flowers in summer and dark green leaves
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Epimedium  'Black Sea'

Epimedium 'Black Sea'

A reliable and easy to grow perennial, Epimedium 'Black Sea' has handsome, rounded, green dark green leaves for much of the year which turn dark glossy, purple-black in the winter
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Geum  'Sunkissed Lime'

Geum 'Sunkissed Lime'

A new selection, Geum 'Sunkissed Lime' has bright lime-green leaves with a tint of yellow and vivid orange flowers in late spring/early summer
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