BlueBell Nursery - Grasses - 'New Introduction'

Arundo donax var. versicolor
Variegated Giant Reed

 A tall, clump forming grass, Arundo donax var versicolor has handsome, long cream and green variegated leaves
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Carex comans 'Amazon Mist'

Carex comans 'Amazon Mist'

An eye-catching small grass, Carex comans 'Amazon Mist' has slender, narrow, silvery-green leaves curling over at the top to create a mop-like head
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Luzula sylvatica 'Tauernpass'

Luzula sylvatica 'Tauernpass'
Greater Wood-Rush

A handsome broad-leaf grass with bright green summer foliage and  small flower spikes in summer once established
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