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Plant Sizes

Any supplied plant height and pot size given on our website is approximate and represents the average dimensions of the plant. As the plants grow throughout the year, at various times they may be smaller or larger than the listed size.

Please bear in mind that we are a specialist plant nursery and not a garden centre or warehouse - plants are growing here on site all through the year and sizes can change.

The size of each plant are clearly listed on our website descriptions. Please make sure that the size is acceptable to you before you make an order.

If you are unsure and would like to check, please call our office on (01530) 413700 and we will measure the plant exactly for you and can even supply a photo of it if required to make sure it is right for you.

Please check carefully - If the listed plant size is smaller than you require we would prefer not to take the order in the first place, than send the plant out and find it is not large enough later on!

Plant Description Terminology
  • Freshly potted - the plant has been potted relatively recently into a larger container with fresh compost. If a plant is listed as freshly potted on our website, it may be necessary to grow it on in the pot until fully rooted. Please contact us for further details on specific plants.

  • Not for instant gratification - a number of the plants we grow are very slow to establish and can be small, spindly initially. These plants will take years to develop properly and are best for patient gardeners only!

  • Information Only - This description is for information only and the plant is not currently available for sale. On rare occasions we may have a single specimen or so growing on the nursery, but this is very much subject to stock and not guaranteed. Please contact us if you would like to check.

  • Available ....... - We have young specimens growing on and expect the plant to be available in this season subject to crop. This is very approximate, subject to weather conditions, growth rates, etc and for a more specific date you are welcome to contact us on (01530) 413700 closer to the time.

A Guide to our Container Sizes
Our plants are available in a variety of different container sizes:

2L Deep Pots: Climbing plants.
2L Pots: Herbaceous plants, grasses and some small shrubs.
5L Pots: Large shrubs and small trees.
3L Pots: Larger shrubs, small trees and some herbaceous plants.
10L Pots: Large Trees.
7.5L Pots: Trees and some very large shrubs.
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