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We can deliver plants all year round with our quick and efficent mail order service.

When Can I Plant?
Container Grown Plants

Plants which have been grown in containers can be planted all year round.

Rootballed Plants

Rootballed plants have been grown in the ground, lifted when dormant in late autumn or winter and are sold with their root system and soil they were grown in secured with a biodegradable Hessian wrap.

Plants sold in rootballs can be planted successfully all year round, but establish best if planted between November and April.

Bare root Plants

Bare root plants are only available from November to March (depending upon weather conditions) and have been grown in the soil.

They are shipped wrapped in damp straw or newspaper and should be planted out or heeled in as soon as they arrive.

Planting Advice
A brief guide on how to plant our trees, shrubs, climbers or herbaceous plants after they arrive with you.
Preparation (before planting)
Container Grown Plants
Root Balled Plants
Bare root plants

Staking / Watering / Aftercare

Unless otherwise advised, all our plants have a one year guarantee but we CANNOT replace plants which are damaged or killed by drying out or lack of water in the first year as this is beyond our control.

Please do not hesitate to call our office on (01530) 413700 or email us at: if you require any information about our plants, or need help choosing a plant for a particular area of your garden or would like more information about planting!

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