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Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica'
Swedish Birch or Silver Birch

Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica'
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This elegant tree was found discovered in Sweden in the mid eighteenth century and over two hundred years later this is still one of the best silver birch.

Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica' has gently weeping branches, delicate, finely cut leaves and good silver bark that while not as good as a Betula utilis, is still very attractive when mature.

Due to its slight pendulous habit we find that it usually needs the support of a stake for the first few years of growth. 

Supplied Size: 3L pots (approx 125 - 150 cm tall)

  • Position: Full sun or light, dappled shade.
  • Soil: Any fertile soil.
  • Hardiness: Hardy.
  • Rate of Growth: Moderate to vigorous
  • Habit: Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica' grows to be a small gracful tree in the short term eventually medium sized.
    • Height: 12 - 15 m (40 - 50 ft)
    • Spread: 8 - 10 m (26 - 32 ft)
  • Notes: Please be aware that the immature bark of Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica' is bronze-brown in colour and it can take 2 - 3 years for the bark to start turning white.




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