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Hydrangea anomala subsp petiolaris var tiliifolia
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A rare climbing plant, Hydrangea anomala subsp petiolaris var tillifolia is native to Korea and has small, dainty, dark green leaves which turn butter yellow in autumn before falling.

Once established it has flat heads of white, lacecap flowers although it is not generally quite as free flowering as the classic Hydrangea anomala subsp petiolaris.

When established, this makes a stunning, self-clinging wall plant and can also grow as an interesting and unusual ground cover plant in the absence of a support up which to climb.

Supplied Size: 3L deep container (approx three to four years old, 50 - 80 cm tall)

  • Position: Full sun or partial shade.
  • Soil: Well drained, fertile soil.
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Flowering Period: May - July.
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Rate of Growth: Slow.
  • Habit: Hydrangea anomala subsp petiolaris var tillifolia grows to be a small to medium sized, self-clinging climbing plant.
    • Height: up to 3 - 5 m (10 - 16 ft) in many years
    • Spread: 3 - 4 m (10 - 13 ft)
  • Notes: Hydrangea anomala subsp petiolaris var tillifolia is particularly suitable for growing against a shady, north facing wall.


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